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Have you already reported any damage to Coya?
Tell us and potential new customers how your experience was.

Here are a few questions for orientation :metal:

1.Tell the world what happened.
2. How was your claims experience with Coya?
3. Any tips for others how to avoid what happened to you?
4. Anything we can improve?

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Thanks for sharing! :heart:

I work at Coya. But that’s Notwhy Coya did pay my claim. We a bought a new bicycle for my wife and it was stolen from our courtyard on the second night. Since I work for Coya I had my wife do the claim process. She notified Coya via the online form. She was then asked to provide some more details- very basic ones and once she provided these (proof of purchase, police report she submitted online) we were paid out in full, in 3 days. It was easy, smooth and very friendly (That’s what she said :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

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