Introduce yourself! 🙌

Say hello to our lovely community of wonderful people :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Karim, originally from Egypt :egypt: (with German and Jordanian roots) but have lived in Europe for almost 10 years! I am also the person who looks after Joey when he’s not too busy napping :dog:

I joined Coya as the first employee (quite a few years ago now) and have worked on a million different things since. Love this company and what it stands for, super excited about building up this community!


Hi! :wave:t3: I’m Julia.

Product designer, process optimizer & design thinker working for Coya as Head of Design for almost 1,5 years now.
I am also the owner of our lovely office dog Lasse. Lasse increases employee satisfaction whilst I am responsible to make our users as happy as we can by building a user-centric consistent insurance experience around our customers.

Looking forward to whatever comes next, this is only the beginning! :upside_down_face:


Hi lovely people!

My name is Linda and I have joined Coya in May 2018 as a Copywriter, which means that I am – as far as mainly product copy goes – responsible for how Coya sounds. I’ve actually never worked as a UX writer before, at least not in this very detailed spectrum, and truly enjoy developing and enhancing my new skill.

When I’m not at Coya, I am working as an author of short stories, a journalist and columnist. Which means that 90% of my life I actually spend writing. I’d love to see the storytelling part (establish) and grow, since stories are what brings communities together for thousands of years.

And what, if not a great story, are we telling at Coya?

<3 L


Hey Community!
I’m Rabea and I work for Coya since almost 1,5 years (I started on the same day as Julia :arrow_up:). My main Job is to solve the claims our customer are reporting day by day. I also support our customer service as claims and customer service have to work together very close :two_hearts:.

I looooove dogs in general but I am especially a fan of Joey :dog:(don’t tell the other dogs!!), that’s one of the main points why I love Coya! I hope this community will grow together with Coya as fast as possible!


Hello world!
My name is Robin. I´m a working student in the great customer service part of Coya :smile_cat: .
Love workin for a multinational company, having the best costumers in the world, being part of many things and seeing the company and its members growing.
Greetings too everybody !!


Hi, I’m Tobi :wave:.

Engineering manager and agile evangelist. I’ve only been with Coya for a few month, but I absolutely love it :smiley:

I make sure our Software Developers are empowered, have everything they need and hopefully like their jobs as much as I like mine. I also help connect the development team with the rest of the company to make sure we do the best we can to help Coya grow. In addition I hold learning sessions about the agile mindset & culture and how they can help us as a startup to succeed.

I’m really excited about the amazing team here at Coya and the huge opportunity to make insurance easier for our customers!



I am: Javier, the Spaniard, (like Russell Crowe in Gladiator but with a scruffier beard :bearded_person: and 0 survival skills). Also, not the only Spaniard, but I’ll be the first to claim the title.

I’ve been: in Germany since 2013 and in Coya for almost a year now. Fun fact: I commute 350 meters to the office.

I speak: 5 languages (more or less :yum:)

I work: in the marketing team but closely to tech, BI, product and design. My work is to make sure that our marketeers have the necessary tools and infrastructure to deal with their daily work (specially everything regarding tracking, emaiks and our new website) so they produce the ingenious and beautiful communication they show every day.

Also: if you have any ideas, doubts, questions or even complaints about our referral program, hit me up! We want to make it as cool as they come :muscle:t2:

Welcome to Coya!


Hi :wave:

Born and bred in Africa, it has certainly been a long and interesting journey to get here today. I’m an officially adopted child of Germany, but am true to my roots, as it’s the same old me. I’m Andrew, founder of Coya, and am lucky to have been granted the opportunity to help build an insurance service designed from scratch to protect and enable people. When one grows up in a place like South Africa, with infinite opportunity and daily tragedy living as neighbours, one realizes the value of the opportunity and the importance of taking action to help those in need. With Coya I aim to do just that… and solve some pretty big industry problems along the way :wink:

Vaya con Coya…



i’m isabelle, a true berliner, a libra and a dog-lover. during the last months of my psychology studies i started working at coya in april 2018 as an intern and finally joined the coya team permanently in july 2019.

what is it that i do at coya? well, apart from petting, feeding, walking or looking for our chief wooficer joey, i am part of the people team and find new talent for the company. on top of that i will be taking care of most things related to the employer brand in the near future.

happy to be part of planet coya! please don’t hesitate to approach me if you have any questions/issues. :slight_smile:





I´m Marie, working student in customer service.
I joined Coya this June and I´m super happy to be part of the team!

I studied product design at UdK and will continue in October.

Originally I´m from Oberursel which is close to Frankfurt/Main.
I love being creative, being outside, this area and the canal!
I also started loving dogs when I came here!


Hi :cowboy_hat_face: my name is Alex,
I joined Coya in March 2017 and I am part of the operations Team. From the very beginning I was working on a vast number of projects and topics from internal process development, internal communication improvement to competitor research and scrum mastering. Currently, I am handling the communication with our reinsurer Scor, administering our customer service tools and analyzing our payment situation.

Last year I got a dutch shepherd puppy. Her name is Baya she is spending almost every day guarding the office :oncoming_police_car::service_dog:. Unfortunately, she is not as cuddly as I am :teddy_bear: but she is very smart and loves to play all day long with my colleagues.

The journey since I joined Coya has been a blast with a mix of challenges, excitement and awesome people. Nonetheless, it feels like we are actually just getting started! :metal:


Hey, I’m Paige!

I joined Coya in August 2019 and now enjoy sharing the latest - and greatest - news and deals from Coya directly to your email inbox. I love working with the whole Coya team to pass along the details of what’s released, updated, or talked about to make your lives easier and worry-free.

Tessa tags along to work with me a few days a week :dog2:; she loves to get belly rubs during staff meetings.

If there is something that you want to hear more (or less) about, let me know. I want to create a helpful and fun conversation with you - right into your email!