I'm adding these to my wish-list this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Season

It’s hard to resist the great sales that some of my favorite stores and brands have this time of year. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general holiday savings, there are so many awesome deals to take advantage of. While shopping for others - and ourselves - I’m collecting a list of gifts that will help reduce risks to our home contents, dogs, and bikes.

A sale and a reduction to my risk? Win-Win!

  1. USB key finder: stop searching for lost keys with the help of a key Bluetooth finder.
  2. Smart locks: or get an electronic lock that offers security and flexibility, letting you control access to your front door through your phone.
  3. Bike theft alarm: to deter the theft of your bike, this alarm picks up on vibrations and sends out a loud alarm.
  4. Water sensor: a device designed to detect the presence of water and alerts you in time to prevent a major water leak.
  5. Glass sensor: if glass is broken, a loud alarm will sound announce potential danger.
  6. Dog leash or harness: keep your pup close while out walking and help them avoid stressful situations where s/he may lash out.

Do you have other risk reduction purchases that you have made in the past - or that you plan to make this year? What has worked well - or not been helpful?


I signed up to Coya as one of the first 500 users and got a free tile tracking device. Im usually very forgetful so this has helped me find my keys many times in the past. Once, I even lost them in a dark bar and the tile helped me find them! great device :slight_smile:


I use mine to find my keys at home with my phone. My mom uses hers to find her phone :sweat_smile: