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Inside Coya

Want to find out what is like working at Coya? Here you can find more info about us, our office, our culture and most importantly our dogs!


We love our dogs, your dogs and every 4 legged canine that walks the earth. Join the conversation about how to keep them safe, trained and protected.

Expats in Germany

Moving to and settling in Germany is not easy. Many of us at Coya have faced this issue recently, and thought it could help our community to share our learnings. Check out all our content in the link below:

Insurance Chat

Alles, was du schon immer über Versicherungen wissen wolltest. Die Community gibt Tipps und Antworten auf Fragen, die du dich nie getraut hast deiner Versicherung zu stellen

Building Coya

Updates on new features and products we are working on. Also some of the new crazy ideas we come up with to try make your insurance experience as amazing as possible.